So far on this site we've been able to bite our tongue about the Alberta government and all the stupid stuff they've been doing. They've used the global pandemic as a distraction to move a lot of dumb policy but one was particularly bad for birders. The environment minister has created a hunting season for cranes and swans. Cranes and swans are great and although sandhills aren't endangered we're not overun with them either. If a hunter mistakes a whooping crane for a sandhill it would be tragic because they're one of the most endangered animals on earth. Urgh.

We saw a pair of sandhill cranes on our most recent expedition in Castle Provinvial Park. We were camping nearby at Beauvais Lake where it rained a lot and was pretty windy too. Even though the weather wasn't ideal to see birds we were still really impressed with how many we saw. The wild flower situation in Waterton is off the charts this season.