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Join Vince and Sandra as they trek through vast tracks of wilderness in search of birds.



Become an aficionado with tips and tools for achieving expert levels of Bird Nerdery.


–Nerd Tip–

Watch out for turtles. They'll bite you if you put your fingers in their mouths.

–Bird Tip–

Alberta's official provincial bird is the Great Horned Owl.

–Nerd Tip–

Throw some pine needles in the air to see which direction the wind is blowing.

We nest in Alberta, Canada

Did you know that Alberta is Canada's duckiest province? From alpine meadows to prairie fields, with a bird list of 385 species, Alberta offers a wide variety of places for the aspiring birder to explore. The Bird Nerds are common to uncommon year round, usually spotted in parks and areas around the city of Calgary. If you see them, be sure to approach and say hi.

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