This was our third trip to Jalisco Mexico but only our second as birders. Our routine was to go birding in the morning, then have coffee and breakfast, swim in the ocean to cool-off, afternoon snack (possibly ceviche), more birding, then dinner (likely tacos). On this trip we got a stronger sense that the area is one of Mexico's premier spots for birds! We met another birding couple and ventured out to Barranca El Choncho; a semi-famous canyon that follows a creek up into some grazing land and has 238 species reported on e-bird. We also birded Laguna del Tule, Selva de Melaque--Senda Mirador, and Estero La Manzanilla. We saw many of the birds we were hoping to with the exception of boat-billed heron but we find it's always good to have a reason to bo back.