Best of 2017: Photography

Here is a curated list of our favorite photos from 2017. We chose the photos based on their aesthetic merits rather than the rarity of the subject matter or the experience.

Blue Jay

Although they're quite common, and sound horrible, this blue jay was posed perfectly. The light is slightly flat but has a nice metallic quality and highlighted the vibrancy of the bird's plumage.

Sharp-tailed Grouse

These grouse are visually spectacular and catching their courtship ritual before sunrise was something to behold. Hello, National Geographic, sure we'll write an article for you.

Great Grey Owl

The reason why we like this photo is because the owl isn't sitting on a fence-post or telephone pole; instead we encountered this great grey in an old-growth forest.

California Gulls

It's strange seeing gulls in the snow which makes this photo stand out. We also liked how this one showed a group of birds rather than an individual.

Cedar Waxwings

Another shot for the nature enthusiast. These waxwings were performing a courtship ritual where they pass a berry back and forth and hop around. Waxwings are one of the most striking birds in Alberta.

Grey Jay

This grey jay cooperated and gave us an excellent pose. With the background of an old-growth forest and the warm light spilling into the scene this is a personal favorite from 2017.


Bitterns are extremely good at not being seen but we startled this one by accident. We quickly backed off and turned around but snapped a couple very unique photos during the incident.

Pine Grosbeak

These birds are very beautiful on their own, with their incredible red plumage. We really liked the negative space in this image and the single branch leading the eye to the subject matter.

Canada Goose

One of our favorite artists is Charley Harper and this picture reminded us of one of his works. A very unique perspective.

Yellow Warbler

The bird and the palette speak of warm days and Summer. These little birds move around pretty quickly too and this photo took a lot of patience.

Closing thoughts

Birds are the best! Having birds in your backyard is even better. Our experience has shown that bird feeders will attract more birds than nothing at all so our recommendation is to get a feeder. Be prepared to go up against the neighbourhood squirrels and magpies to protect your feed.

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