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Bird Nerd problems

Saw our first scaups today... not sure if they're greater or lesser so we researched the differences and I don't think we'll ever know.

Bird Nerd favourite

Did some amazing spotting today and saw a nighthawk sleeping in a tree. Such a great bird! Blob by day; rocket-boomerang by night.

Summer birding

We got hooked on birding in the Fall when the trees were bare. We knew more birds would show up in the Spring but we underestimated the concealing power of leaves.

Bird Nerd challenge

Our favourite species of birds have learned to fly into the parts of trees we can't see to avoid detection and to mess with us.

Bird Nerd challenge

They say that there are different kinds of flycatchers but we're starting to think it's a practical joke veterns play on new people.

Bird Nerd challenge

These birds are considered hard targets when it comes to photographing them.

Closing thoughts

It didn't take us long to figure out that birders are a unique kind of people and that we possessed a lot of the same thoughts and mannerisms. We think being bird nerds is pretty awesome.

Virtual birding
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